What we do

The image below represents RICMA's four core functions in relation to four levels of community it tends to. Each function is defined in terms of a set of tasks that RICMA endeavors to either (1) ensure are being addressed by initiatives, organizations, and servant-leaders in the community or (2) address itself.

  The following slides describe each of RICMA’s four core functions in terms of a set of tasks. Each set of tasks corresponds to a potential role to be carried out -- either by an initiative or organization already doing that work, or by a coordinator that RICMA supports.

Our Values

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Adnan Adrian Wood-Smith (President)

Adnan joined the RICMA team in 2016. He is the Associate University Chaplain for the Muslim Community at Brown University. Prior to his appointment at Brown, he served as the Coordinator of the Convert Continuum of Care at Ta'leef Collective in the San Francisco Bay area, and as the Coordinator of Student Life at Zaytuna College. Adnan majored in Arabic at Dartmouth College, after which he completed graduate work in Arabic in Syria, and then moved to the San Francisco Bay area, where he studied the Islamic tradition with traditionally trained scholars such as Zaid Shakir, Hamza Yusuf, Abdullah Ali, and Usama Canon. He memorized the Qur'an under the tutelage of Qari Amr Bellaha in California, and he visits Mauritania on a regular basis to continue his studies of Islamic jurisprudence, spirituality, and Qur'an there. Adnan lives in Providence with his wife Sara, a PhD student in Jurisprudence and Social Policy at UC Berkeley.

adnan.wood-smith [at] ricma [dot] org


Wendy Manchester Ibrahim (Vice President)

Wendy has been involved with RICMA since the mid-2000s, but her roots in Rhode Island extend back to the colonial period. She has an MA in Organizational Psychology, and a PhD in Natural Health, and has used this education in a variety of professional capacities--including teaching and organizational consulting--to empower people to achieve their full potential. Today, she is an entrepreneur, running a natural wellness business, and an insurance business. Wendy is passionate about community work, interfaith exploration, and humanitarian efforts, and believes in the promise of plurality that Rhode Island was founded upon. She is a tireless servant-leader in the RI Muslim community, speaking at schools, churches, synagogues, and other forums about Islam and her experiences as a woman called to Islam twenty years ago. Wendy lives in East Greenwich with her husband Mogahed and two teenager daughters, Halima and Laila.

wendy.manchester.ibrahim [at] ricma [dot] org


Aisha Manzoor (Secretary and Treasurer)

Aisha earned an M.A. in Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence from Bradford, UK. After teaching at Islamic schools in NY, VA, and MA for six years, she now home-schools her three children, serving for a time on the board of a Rhode Island homeschool network. Aisha is an ambitious leader and active volunteer with the Rhode Island Muslim community and Masjid Al-Islam, where her husband is the imam. For the past five years, she has run a summer camp for around 60 Muslim children, ages 6-13, at Masjid Al-Islam. For four years, she has led a team annually as president and head coach to the Muslim Inter-Scholastic Tournament (MIST) for kids between grades 8-12. She serves as a founding board member on the Rhode Island chapter of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom. When not engaged in her many endeavors and initiatives, including her work with RICMA, you can find her wrangling and running in between her teenage sons and a toddler.

aisha.manzoor [at] ricma [dot] org