SOSS is a national organization with a chapter in Rhode Island. Its vision is that through dialogue, socializing, and common projects, Muslim and Jewish women can form friendships, expand knowledge of each other's practices and beliefs, and help bring an end to anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim sentiment. The Rhode Island chapter was founded by Rabbi Sarah Mack, Judy Kaye, Aisha Manzoor, and Eva Sasa.

The group meets every few months at a different home for dinner and discussion, and is always welcoming of new members. Please e-mail them if you'd like to join.

An SOSS Youth Chapter has recently formed! Learn more at the Young Muslim Sisters RI page.

Aisha and Rabbi Sarah were interviewed on Rhode Island Public Radio in October 2016; you can listen to their interview here:
"Speaking Across Difference: A Shared Sisterhood Bridging Religions"


Contact Information

manzooro [at] gmail [dot] com
judykaye2 [at] gmail [dot] com
evapsasa [at] gmail [dot] com
smack10 [at] gmail [dot] com