Muslims make up only about 1% of the U.S. population. Nearly half of U.S. adults (47%) say they do not personally know a Muslim (Pew).

Yet hardly a day passes when "Islam and Muslims" do not appear in public discourse. Almost always, this discourse presents Islam as problematic, dangerous, or inaccessible. Muslims have increasingly found themselves in the position not only of having to educate their neighbors, colleagues, and relatives about their core beliefs against a tide of misinformation, but also defending their very humanity and tolerability. 

We humbly offer here a collection of resources -- websites, institutions, books, blogs, etc.--that we feel describe not only the core beliefs and practices of Muslims ("Islam 101"), but also represent the variety of artistic, intellectual, and social endeavors that exhibit Islam's core values. It is so hard for so many people today to see beauty in the path of Islam. Allow us to show you how our faith in God, and our commitment to following the life practice of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) inspires us to live well, serve others, and wage beauty.

We will continually update this page with new resources as they become available. We also intend to launch a page specifically for new converts to Islam, inshaAllah.


Islamic Networks Group (ING)

Based in California, ING's website has a well-researched "FAQ" page about Islam-related topics, and offers free educator curricula and lesson plans. The organization specializes in training Muslims to speak to diverse audiences about Islam and Muslims; they have several "speakers bureaus" chapters throughout the United States.

Chaplain Wood-Smith's Suggested Reading List

From Qur'an translations, to texts of creed, and spiritual purification, this reading list is an excellent place to start. (Available Here). 

Ummah Wide

Ummah Wide is a digital media startup telling stories that transcend the borders of global Muslim communities.

Sapelo Square

Sapelo Square is an online resource on Black Muslims in the United States. It celebrates, documents, and analyzes the experience of African-descended American Muslims who are situated at the intersection of three major geographies: the African diaspora, the United States, and the Transnational Muslim community. 

SeekersHub Global

SeekersHub is a non-profit Islamic educational portal. It is their mission to make sound knowledge from reliable scholars available anywhere, at any time, through online courses, on-the-ground seminars, engaging and inspiring Islamic media and through their Answers service — completely free of cost.

Unity Productions Foundation

The mission of Unity Productions Foundation (UPF) is to counter bigotry and create peace through the media. UPF produces films that tell compelling stories for television, online viewing, and theatrical release. These films are part of long-term educational campaigns aimed at increasing understanding among people of different faiths and cultures, especially among Muslims and other faiths.

Countering Islamophobia Through Stories - Children's Books

Launched in Fall 2016, KitaabWorld is "an independent online bookstore focused on the discovery and distribution of South Asian childrens' books, toys and games." To honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., they launched an online resource for families, educators, and others to counter Islamophobia through children's stories in which Muslim characters are present.

Letter to Baghdadi

In 2014, a group of 122 classically-trained Muslim scholars, jurists and theologians co-wrote a detailed theological and legal refutation of the practices of the so-called "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria."

MPower Change

MPower Change is a grassroots movement rooted in diverse Muslim communities throughout the United States who are working together to build social, spiritual, racial, and economic justice for all people.

Know Your Rights

Watch the proceedings of a community workshop "Know Your Rights" that took place December 2016. Many thanks to for their important work documenting this.

Yaqeen Institute

Yaqeen is a research institute whose purpose is to address topics of pressing concern to the Muslim community by bringing together scholars and experts to debate an issue, and then producing high-quality essays, videos, and publications.

Cambridge Muslim College

"The mission of the College is to develop Muslim faith leadership through world-class education, training and research based on a genuine dialogue between the Islamic intellectual tradition and the ideas and circumstances of the modern world."


"SHARIAsource is a flagship research venture of the Islamic Legal Studies Program at Harvard Law School. Its continuing mission is to organize the world’s information on Islamic law in a way that is accessible and useful."

Ta'leef Collective

With locations in Fremont, CA and Chicago, Ta'leef is dedicated to "serving the youth, assisting new comers to Islam and welcoming guests. We provide the ideal experience for anyone curious to learn about Islam and offer a safe and friendly environment for newcomers and old friends. Our mantra “Come as you are, to Islam as it is” says it all." Many resources on their website.

Islamophobia is Racism Syllabus

Inspired by the #FergusonSyllabus, the #StandingRockSyllabus, the #BlackIslamSyllabus and others, this reading list provides resources for teaching and learning about anti-Muslim racism in the United States.

Zaytuna College

Zaytuna is the first Muslim liberal arts college in the United States.


Muslim American Experience Bibliography (1966–2016)

The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) created this bibliography of over 250 books published between 1966 and 2016 focused on Muslims and Islam in the United States. The bibliography is categorized by subject matter and chronologically with the most recent publications first. The categories include anthropology, biography, health, history, law, political science, reference, and sociology.


Institute for Social Policy and Understanding

Since 2002, ISPU has been at the forefront of discovering trends and opportunities that impact the American Muslim community. Their data-driven, solution-seeking research aims to educate the general public and enable community change agents, the media, and policymakers to make evidence-based decisions. 

Muslims Condemn

Muslims Condemn is a website that collects all cases where Muslims have condemned wrongdoings done falsely in the name of Islam.

To learn more about the genesis of the project, read here.

Refuting ISIS: A Rebuttal of Its Religious and Ideological Foundations

This invaluable book a thorough refutation of the beliefs and crimes of the so-called "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" (ISIS). ISIS constitutes the most serious threat Islam has ever faced. The author, Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi is a renowned scholar and one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world today, destroys the allegations of ISIS, reaching the conclusion that this group does not represent Islam, its declaration of a caliphate is invalid, and fighting it is an obligation upon Muslims.