After relocating several times within Pawtucket since its founding in 1999, the Muslim Society of Rhode Island, also known as Masjid Al-Rahman, has embarked on an initiative to build a mosque and community center suited to the religious, communal, and social needs of the local Muslim community. The Arabic word "Rahman" is one of the Qur'anic names of God and means "the Merciful."   

Recurring events include:

  • Friday (Jumu'ah) Prayers at 1:00 PM

  • Five Times Daily Congregational Prayers

  • Weekly Lectures on Friday Nights

  • Ramadan Iftars and Taraweeh prayers 

Please visit their website to learn how you can donate to establish the new masjid building and community center. 


Contact Information

masjidalrahman [at] yahoo [dot] com

18 Dunnell Lane
Pawtucket, RI 02860